Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Managing Complex Groups in Windows Live - Group Work for students

The Windows Live Group feature allows you to easily manage Group work for students. I have a group of about 70 students from 4 different courses in First year. These Groups are further split into groups for a game that they are designing and developing in Game Maker. I got them to set up groups with one person hosting the Group on their Sky Drive. I set up a new Windows Live ID to manage the group from my side. The Group owner invites the other members to the newly created group along with myself.

I manage the group by setting up Hotmail folders for each Course and then place the invites from each Game Group into these folders. 


This enables me to keep track of the groups within groups via the Email Invite which has a


Everyone in the Group has read write privileges on the folders in the group. This gives them a means to share content that they are developing for the game. It also allows me to keep an eye on the Progress of the group and comment or advice on the on going work.


There is a One Note web file that the group can use to document the sources of content and keep a group and individual schedule of tasks to be done and completed.

The group can contact me and each other using Instant messenger or by Emailing the group.


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