Saturday, 18 August 2012

Running Windows phone 7 (mango) emulator in an emulator

I'm using a VMware emulator for Windows 7 on my Mac book Pro. Soon to be dumped for a Native Windows 7 machine. Now the WP7 emulator is a VM also and generally VM into VM does not go. SL will deploy to the WP7 emulator unless you are using anything to do with WDDM 1.1 (which is not supported by the ghost graphics Direct X 9 card emulated by VMware) which discounts all XNA deployment. I recently reduced the amount of memory allocated to the VM as I was getting warnings from VMware for something. This caused a problem in VS 2010. When I went to deploy to the WP7 emulator I got the following error "visual studio error the interface is unknown" which as usual means something totally different! It means that there is  not enough memory to support the WP7 emulator. I read around and it can happen on a native (non-VM) machine also. I have come to this conclusion VMs are not a solution for Windows 7 production machine on a MAC. Hence the MAC has to go!