Thursday, 20 January 2011

Microsoft abandon Live Blogs

Microsoft have sold out on their Live Blog service by moving it to WordPress and hence I'm now using blogger. If I could take my Live Blog back over to the Live Spaces I would. They have indicated that all Live Blog spaces have to migrate to word press. Unfortunately Word Press does not recognise Live. Also If you have an existing WordPress account that further complicates the transition and if you use the useful live writer on top of that again, WordPress does not recognise some of the plug-ins (such as the excellent code snipit add in). I had a number of bloggs linked to the one WordPress login as it was and this really presents problems both for Live writer and for sharing using the browser button. Added to this is the fact that Word PRess is an absolute Mare to navigate. Seriously it's all over the place and overly functional. Blogger is less functional but easier to maintain and plays nice with Live writer and it's plug ins. Bad descision MS!!

Ok in a moment of Frustration I may have over reacted. The Share Button (provided by Google, go figure), does work with WordPress. But the code snipits do not render properly in WordPress. Compare Bloggers with WordPress for the same entry.

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